Feral Feminisms takes the feral as a provocative call to untaming, queering, and radicalizing feminist thought and practice today. Feral Feminisms is an independent, inter-media, peer reviewed, open access online journal. It is a space for students and scholars, artists and activists, to engage with the many sites and problematics of feminist studies – as understood broadly and across disciplines, genres, methods, politics, times, and contexts. Each issue of Feral Feminisms builds around a particular thematic, compiling diverse creative, queer, and always feral responses to the calls for papers.

Feral Feminisms is part of the Radical Open Access Collective. a community of scholar-led, not-for-profit presses committed to horizontal alliances and creative experimentation.


Feral Feminisms publishes full-length academic essays (about 5000 – 7000 words), shorter creative pieces or cultural commentaries (about 500 – 2500 words), poetry, photo-essays, short films, visual and sound art, or a combination of these. We welcome submissions from students, artists, activists, and established academics. We especially encourage graduate students to submit. Both the textual and visual work in each issue should respond to and engage with the thematic cluster, as described in the call for papers.

CONTACT feralfeminisms[at]gmail[dot]com