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ABSTRACT: How do you resist something that you feel ambivalent about? Can things be partially resisted, while still existing within the dominant system? For example, can I still be a feminist while loving the colour pink? These are the types of questions that led to the creation of Ambivalently Yours, an anonymous persona that explores ambivalence through drawings, public interventions and blog posts. ( My small acts of resistance as Ambivalently Yours are meant as conversation starters, acts of compassion and examples of active-yet-ambivalent resistance. My illustrated text presents an overview of this web- and illustration-based artistic practice.

Ambivalently Yours Ambivalently Yours2 Ambivalently Yours3 Ambivalently Yours4 Ambivalently Yours5 Ambivalently Yours6 Ambivalently Yours7 Ambivalently Yours8 Ambivalently Yours9 Ambivalently Yours10 Ambivalently Yours11 Ambivalently Yours12 Ambivalently Yours13 Ambivalently Yours14 Ambivalently Yours15 Ambivalently Yours16 Ambivalently Yours17 Ambivalently Yours18 Ambivalently Yours19 Ambivalently Yours20


AMBIVALENTLY YOURS is an anonymous web-based artist. Her work is fuelled by seven years of professional experience in Montreal’s fashion industry juxtaposed with a simultaneous investment in feminist art. Both seduced and disheartened by the portrayal of femininity and feminism in Western society, the exploration of her ambivalence is central to her artistic practice. ambivalently[dot]yours[at]gmail[dot]com;


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