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Issue Introduction

resistance to me
     is glitter.
     it’s sparkle and shine.
     it’s happiness, it’s love,
     in spite of all the hate,
                           the violence,
                           of suppression,
                           of oppression.

resistance is alchemy,
     it is
     making use of the fertile light of joy
     to produce gold.

resistance is
     making something from nothing,
     it is planting seeds of intent to bloom in stinking dung,
     it is converting shit
     into beautifully scented, colourful, blossoming flowers,
     it is noticing that the shit stinking
     dung could be a fertilizer.

resistance is
     not seeing mistakes as failures we cannot survive from,
     it is seeing mistakes as openings for miracles,
                           as rich opportunities, possibilities,
                           for accountability, for taking responsibility,
                           for learning and teaching moments.

resistance feels joyful.
     it is silver, gold, blue, red,
     purple, green, and pink.

resistance is colours
     getting to know one another holistically,
     informed by a decolonial praxis,
     moving beyond the boundaries of state
     sanctioned curriculums and
     corporate media strategies.

resistance is colours
     bleeding into
     each other,
     adjusting for opacity,
     layering one another,
     allowing each other to shine,
     complementing, contrasting,
     not competing with or erasing each
resistance is non-conforming,
     complicating, but not confusing.

resistance is
     blending powerfully,
            it is birthing, creating new colours,
     but also standing out

resistance looks like
     a woman’s body
     birthing a child
     during a war, making
     room for life
     in a time of
     looming death.

where time is treated as money, and your
     “net-worth” is reduced to your “productivity,”
                                      the supposed worth of your time,
     resistance is pausing,
                   it is taking deep breaths,
                   it is slowing down, refusing
                   externally imposed pressures,
                   it is
                   noticing what the body
                   needs in this moment
                   to bloom,
                   to survive,
                   to thrive.

is undoing
undesired hegemonic layers of control,
and hierarchy.

resistance is relations
that are shoulder to shoulder,
and not hierarchical.
it is ways of relating that are
simultaneously mindful
of unequal and deep wisdoms held
in unique ways
by conventional and unconventional
knowledge bearers.

resistance is colours
     refusing disconnection from, and theft of our lands,
it is refusing access to our bodies, the land,
     or revoking consent after giving
     consent initially.
resistance is demanding readdress for wrongful
     exploitations and violations.
it is colours
     and self-determining.

resistance is colours
     being radical
     in seeking justice.
it is colours
     collaborating, co-existing,
     creating magic.

resistance is colours

resistance to me
     is coloured bodies loving
     all the parts of us
     that no one

resistance to me
     is a healing love,
     it is relating to all the parts of me
     and you in ways
     that are not expected or anticipated
     but willed anyway
     by our bodies
     who so choose, with queered

resistance is
             glowing as if
             we are
             dancing in love,
                   it is being
                   a boundless love,
             it is firing, tasting, and treasuring
                   radically restorative imaginaries.

     is holding space
     for my beautiful life
     my body
     and those bodies who
     have been willed
     not to survive or thrive.

resistance is
     a critically conscious
     angry body,
            it is
     a reflective longing.
it is
     a sustained critical awareness,
     a practice of self-education,
     a practice of radical self-preservation and self-love.

resistance is
     striding with
     a raw grounded strength, which
     refuses the gaze of others,
     it is a colourful resilience,
     it is glowing
            shamelessly, and

resistance is
            being here
            right now,
     it is

Binish Ahmed is an Indigenous (Asian) Kashmiri Muslim woman who works as a researcher, writer, educator, community connector, and artist. She is a Policy Studies PhD candidate at Ryerson University in Tkaranto. She currently lives on the territories of the Anishinaabe, Haudenosaunee, Mississaugas, Huron-Wendat, and Petún First Nations, Turtle Island. You can follow her on Twitter @binishahmed

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